[FREE] Born on the Island : The Galveston We Remember

born-on-the-island-the-galveston-we-rememberBy:  Lyda Ann Quinn Thomas

In sixty-seven exquisite watercolors and drawings, nationally famous architect Eugene Aubry captures on paper the sensibilities, the memories, and the grace that evokes Galveston, especially for those who are BOI (“born on the island”). Commissioned by the Galveston Historical Foundation, these works of art are intended to enhance the visual record of the buildings and the unique local architectural style that so many have appreciated over the years.? In the aftermath of Hurricane Ike, Galvestonians became more aware than ever of the treasure of the island’s historical architecture and the vulnerability of this heritage to forces beyond human control. Aubry’s art captures the almost palpable sense of past glories these buildings bring to mind. Aubry–himself BOI–has fashioned these pieces in a way that resonates with those who love the island’s ethos. With a fine eye to the artist’s intent and a mastery of detail, architectural historian Stephen Fox expertly and eloquently introduces the work as a whole and, in discursive captions that accompany each image, informs the reader’s appreciation of Aubry’s art.
So much more than a tribute, Born on the Island: The Galveston We Remember stands as a loving homage to Galveston–one that will call its readers home to the island, even if they have never ventured there before.show more


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