Deliciae Fictiles IV : Architectural Terracottas in Ancient Italy – Images of Gods, Monsters and Heroes

Patricia S. Lulof


In Ancient Italy, temples were adorned with full-figure architectural terracotta images such as acroteria, statuary groups and high reliefs. These terracottas mostly show complex scenes of gods and heroes, legendary battles and mythical animals, as well as large volutes and palmettes. The fourth edition of the Deliciae Fictiles conferences focused on this specific class of mostly handmade terracotta roof decoration from Etruria and Central Italy, Campania, Magna Graecia and Sicily. The volume contains sixty contributions, publishing new material, new findings and many new reconstructions of this highly rare material from all over Italy from the Archaic period into the Hellenistic times. A vast bibliography and over seven hundred illustrations, many of which in colour, provide reference material for scholars and students of archaeology, ancient architecture and technique, art history and more


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