[FREE] Floodplain Management : A New Approach for a New Era

By (author)  Robert Freitag , By (author)  Susan Bolton , By (author)  Frank Westerlund , By (author)  J.L.S. Clark

“Floodplain Management” outlines a new paradigm for flood management, one that emphasizes cost-effective, long-term success by integrating physical, chemical, and biological systems with societal capabilities. It describes our present flood management practices, which are often based on dam or levee projects that do not incorporate the latest understandings about river processes. And it suggests that a better solution is to work with the natural tendencies of the river: retreat from the floodplain by preventing future development (and sometimes even removing existing structures); accommodate the effects of floodwaters with building practices; and protect assets with nonstructural measures if possible – and with large structural projects only if absolutely necessary.show more


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