Let's Ask Michael : 100+ Practical Solutions for Interior Design Challenges

Michael Payne

Michael Payne – popular host of the HGTV's hit series, "Designing for the Sexes" – brings his unique talents and expertise to this beautiful and practical reference designed to help homeowners find stylish solutions to today's most challenging home design dilemmas. It features real life questions asked by real life people. Utilizing a vibrant full-color format, Michael answers such questions as: I want a classic Victorian theme in my family room, where do I begin? Our new living room has 20-foot ceilings and makes furniture look miniature, what should we do? We want color in our room, but have no idea where to start, what do you suggest? Michael Payne's ingenious – and beautiful – answers will give you ideas you'll want to try in your own home.Whether you're married or single, you'll appreciate the exciting decorating solutions in "Let's Ask Michael". This book: puts 100 complete design answers in front of your eyes in gorgeous 4-color, 2-page spreads; answers questions on all the rooms in your home; follows a logical room-by-room sequence; and, is packed with Michael's unique tips on lighting, upholstery, accessories, storage, and more.
Through emails, internet chats, and attendance at his seminars, Michael's fans have directly asked him to solve their most difficult interior design dilemmas. This beautiful reference delivers the answers they seek in a style that captures Michael's trademark wit and charm. Questions range from the common to the outrageous, providing always informative – and often amusing – reading. It provides practical solutions in an innovative format.


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