[FREE] Small Houses : Contemporary Japanese Dwellings

By Claudia Hildner

In this book the phrase “small houses” refers to residential ar-chitecture for private clients that is outstanding in terms of space and design. 
Although there have been many publications concerned with Japanese minimal 
houses, this book approaches them on a more comprehensive level: it seeks to 
reveal the possibilities offered to contemporary architects by the architectural 
brief of a residence and to clarify, both in an introduction on the history of ar-chitecture and in various in-depth texts, the cultural and social principles that 
influence the architecture of individual residences in Japan.
The introductory essay by ulf Meyer thus sheds light on developments in Japa-nese residential architecture since modernism. The author explains the residential 
architecture of various eras in terms of outstanding projects built between 1940 
and 2000. This subtle survey brings readers closer to contemporary projects 
and gives them an opportunity to draw parallels between the present and the 
past and to get to know various facets of one architectural task.
The architects whose contemporary houses are presented in the project sec-tion are for the most part members of the young avant-garde of the Japanese 
architecture scene. For several of them small residences for private clients have 
been the only opportunity thus far to realize their design ideas, since young 
architects have a difficult time establishing themselves in the Japanese market. 
The building of small houses gives them a chance to become known and to be 
perceived internationally as well


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