[FREE] Sustainable Steel Buildings : A Practical Guide for Structures and Envelopes

By (author) Milan Veljkovic , Edited by Bernhard Hauke , Edited by Markus Kuhnhenne, Edited by Mark Lawson

a-practical-guide-for-structures-and-envelopesSustainable Steel Buildings will review steel and its potential as a sustainable building material. It will provide a comprehensive overview of sustainability, and show how steel can be used to deliver buildings and structures with a high level of sustainability. The book will focus on the advantages and disadvantages of steel and how those characteristics can be used under a range of international certification systems (DGNB, LEED, BREEAM, openhouse etc). To ensure comprehensiveness, the book will cover the following: The background of sustainable building Basic concepts of sustainable construction Methods and design tools for the delivery of sustainable buildings Steel and its performance in certification systems, both criteria and material-specific answers Information and data on relevant steel construction products Examples of sustainable steel buildings



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