Tropical Hotels : Thailand, Bali, Java, Malaysia, Singapore

tropical-hotelsBy (author) Kim Inglis , By (photographer) Jacob Termansen , By (photographer) Pia Marie Molbech

“Tropical Hotels” showcases the best boutique hotels and resorts in Bali, Java, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand.
Southeast Asia is renowned the world over for its superb standards of resort architecture, hotel service and interior design and this book beautifully traces the development of today’s hotel industry. It feature the cream of the crop; Be it a drop-dead urban hostelry, a retreat in the hills or a five-star destination spa resort, each property has been had-picked according to a set of criteria that includes a strong design aesthetic, architectural integrity, a commitment to service and a sense of individuality.
With over 300 ravishingly beautiful, full-color photographs, this book doubles up as a guidebook to fabulous places to stay and an assessment of interior design and architecture. it is a must-have for design aficionados the world over.


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