[FREE] Water-Resistant Design and Construction : An Illustrated Guide to Preventing Water Intrustion, Condensation and Mold

By William L. Walker

Capitalize on Proven Solutions to the 25 Most Common Water Problems in Buildings_and Avoid Costly Construction Claims! The Illustrated Guide to Water Resistant Design and Construction provides state-of-the-art solutions to prevent the most common water-related problems in buildings. Designed to save you time and money, this expert resource discusses the causes and effects of water-related problems!time tested solutions for keeping water damage from occurring!methods for enhancing construction quality to reduce claims!tips on selecting the right firm to perform waterproof design and construction!guidance on achieving effective maintenance and repair!and more.
The Illustrated Guide to Waterproof Construction features: More than 150 illustrations showing how to improve details and create higher-quality buildings Waterproofing methods that comply with the International Building Code Numerous examples and case studies from the United States, China, and Canada Inside this Complete Waterproofing Sourcebook /The 25 Most Common Problems: Causes and Effects / Mold and Mildew / How to Prevent Problems / Pre-Design Phase: Blueprint for Process / Building Delivery System / Time and Money / Concept Statement / Team Building / Design Phase: Selecting the Right Firm / Communications / Building Program / Schematic Design / Price Check / Design Development / Site Design / Floor / Air and Vapor Retarders / Wall Systems, Including Barrier, Drainage and Rain Screen Designs / Roof / Flashings / Sealants / Copings / Insulation / Avoiding Condensation / Mechanical Systems / Positive Pressurization / Bidding and Permitting / Construction: Scheduling / Long-Lead Items / Quality Assurance and Control / Early Bid and Construction Packages / Storage and Protection / Coordinating the Trades / Dimensional Tolerances / Managing Change Orders / Close-Out / Post-Construction: Operation / Maintenance / Repair / Replacement / Changes in Ownershipshow more



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