Worship Space Acoustics

Mendel Kleiner

Worship Space Acoustics is a unique guide to the design, construction, and use of religious facilities for optimum acoustics. The book is divided into two parts: Part I discusses methods and techniques of room optimization, including how the acoustics of large and small spaces are designed, implemented, and adjusted; how acoustical privacy is attained; noise and its control; sound reinforcement; and numerical and physical modeling techniques. Part II provides the architect, student, and lay person a review of the characteristics of the religious services pertinent to various beliefs and how these are provided for in the acoustic design of spaces in churches, mosques, and synagogues.Key FeaturesCovers the design, construction, and use of religious facilities for optimum acousticsPresents the historical background to existing practice, problems, and solutions, to deepen understanding for those involved in design, construction and useIllustrates both the similarities and differences between facilities for different religious groupsWAVTM offers downloadable noise control calculations for office air supply systems, guidance for churches and non-Orthodox synagogues in choosing an organ, an example in the use of Performance History Database (PHD) software, and more – available from the Web Added ValueTM Download Resource Center at www.


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